Tupac Shakur
Follow Your Heart But Take Your Brain With You




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Anonymous asked:
We can all stop acting like tupac is dead. When he's really not. There more evidence of him being alive than dead. He left hints in his music. Even Fatal said "don't worry about PAC, he ain't coming back". He out on an island chillin with his wife and kids,

Everybody have different opinions, and this doesn’t mean that one is more correct than another, we hope this year he come back, and if not… Well, what can us do…

theckae asked:
I just wanna start off by saying, I love your page and I love 2pac to death. But, I'm just given my opinion on this whole PAC is alive or dead thing. I believe 2pac is dead,deceased!. The government (cops) killed him in that drive-by. The government knew what He was trying to do, starting a world wide military minded group. Plus he was born into Panther Family etc. If Pac is alive, the zodiac killer, Oscar Romero, Bob Crane, Jack the Ripper (could of been here to), Their All Unsolved cases.

Thank u so much, for the compliment and for sharing with us your opinion :)

theckae asked:
Believe me when I say the government killed him. They use the same tactics on PAC since he was a Teen. The rape charge was planned! because they fear of PAC growing so large and starting a black movement that they didn't want him to do. Also, the two cops that beat him up, they would never speak on the cop part. The government would have did the same to MLK JR, John F Kennedy to, Malcolm X. Even John Lennon. When you speak your mind to much, people want to automatically shut you up. My opinion.

Yes, thats another probability